The perils of packing for a long weekend….

Just a quick update on actual, current goings on… as opposed to working through our backlog of travel stories!

We’re heading off to Germany in 2 days time to visit the Christmas Markets in Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Esslingen and wherever we feel like stopping along the way. The excitement is unbearable – I (Matt) have literally been tasting Bratwurst at the back of my throat every 5 minutes the last couple of days. Could just be because I’m always hungry, I suppose. [Edit: Lucy’s kindly just pointed out that this means I’ve had sausage at the back of my throat. Very amusing. I’m not taking it down. Because Bratwurst is life.]



Packing for a weekend where you’re going quite a long way, but not for a massive length of time. I’m fighting the urge to throw every single one of my shirts in to a bag, along with 2 pairs of underwear for each day. If only Lucy were here to help… I’d end up with one pair of underwear for the weekend, and a sock.

Dilemma number 2 is which bag to take. Or rather, which bag can I squish down the most to make our airline think that it’s within hand luggage dimension regulations?


Such first world problems.

I haven’t even got on to thinking about which scarf to take! Oh, the possibilities…

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